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AZComp Faculty

Chitta Baral

Professor, ASU

Professor Chitta Baral has been at ASU since 1999. Baral’s main research interests are threefold: (i) developing language constructs and surrounding building block results for representing knowledge and reasoning with it, (ii) developing a theory of actions and their impact on an environment and using it in autonomous agent design, planning and diagnosis, (iii) Using (i) and (ii) in modeling cell behavior and reasoning with it to explain observations and develop plans of action so as to alter pathways that could suggest therapeutic procedures.

Partha Dasgupta

Associate Professor, ASU

Associate Professor Partha Dasgupta joined ASU in 1991. Prior to ASU, he held an appointment with Georgia Tech. He held visiting faculty positions at New York University in 1993-1994 and 1998-1999. NSF, DARPA and other sources have consistently funded Dasgupta’s research.

Stephen Kobourov

Professor, UoA

Professor Stephen Kobourov has joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona in 2000. In 2015-16, he was working at Charles University in Prague as a Distinguished Fulbright Chair. In 2011-12 he worked in Germany as a Humboldt Fellow and in 2006-07 he was in Botswana as a Fulbright Scholar.