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Arizona Computing Postdoctoral Academy

Welcome to the Arizona Computing Postdoctoral Academy (AZComp)! The goal of AZComp is to nurture postdoctoral scholars in the areas of computing, computer science and engineering, and applied computing across the three universities of Arizona (Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University). We want to provide postdoctoral researchers with a broader vision of computer science and engineering by inviting them into conversations about the grand challenges facing our disciplines. We believe that such conversations can yield skills in career planning and research strategy. We will also provide insight into the often opaque world of networking, intellectual property, publications, conference activities, professional leadership, and project management. Postdocs will also learn about larger framing issues in CS&E, and science in general–such as ethics, diversity, and cultural and gender issues. We are a community of peer mentoring and social networking (digital as well as face-to- face) that can facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas. Some of our current activities include weekly faculty talks, short talks and panels in various sub areas of computer science, invited talks by academics and industry researchers, monthly lunch with faculty, joint activity with doctoral students, poster sessions by post-docs and graduate students, interaction with industry researchers, interaction with Science Foundation Arizona and semi-annual 1-2 day workshops. We will be soon having 1-2 day short courses that will be of great interest to the postdoctoral researchers.

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